11799926_sMind-body work is highly interactive. Think of it as assisted self-discovery that gently reveals the unconscious and emotional residue that prevents you from living full-out.Once you come to know deeply your beliefs, thoughts, habits, feelings and strengths, you give yourself new freedom.

Introductory Discovery Session

If you are feeling ‘less than’, your life results are lackluster or you have physical or emotional pain from stress, or trauma, and you’re ready to step into a more vibrant life, it’s vital that you discover what is in your way, and, importantly, that you have strengths to move forward.

Your body is the record-keeper of your life and, as a result, is a wonderful resource that can accelerate having more satisfaction in your life.

Your body will hold tension and your life will reflect underlying imbalances that indicate emotional residue from unresolved trauma. Unaddressed, these traumas can undermine your relationships, career, earning abilities, health, social life and more.

Getting older does not have to mean pain, gaining weight, becoming inflexible or being less active. Those symptoms occur, in part, as a direct or indirect result of unresolved emotional or psychological trauma being trapped in the body.

The good news is that, once acknowledged and released, the energy is restored that has been used to keep these old residual experiences and patterns in place. Now your new energy can flow through your strengths to Live Life Full Out.

A Discovery Session can help you discover if we will make a great team. We will take about an hour. Together we will talk about your history, as well as become aware of at least one area of invitation for growth that we will address on the spot. Our shared goal is that you become more aware of your own possibilities and make (or begin) a shift toward your best life with that insight.

We will be engaged in co-creative dialogue that typically involves some bodywork. At some point, I may ask you to move your body into a particular position or breathe in a certain way. That request is to attune your body’s wisdom with our session focus for discovery. (See Somatic Psychotherapy and/or Bioenergetics Analysis for more info.)

At the end of the session, you will have greater insight and a beginning plan for consciously going forward in your mind-body wellness. Isn’t it time you lived your life full-out?
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Once we have established our working relationship via the Discovery Session, we will determine our approach for on-going consultations.

One on One Consultation

Once we have worked together in a Discovery Session, you have the option of continuing the work in private sessions.

These sessions offer compassionate guidance to help you align more closely with your authentic truth, heal your wounds, and reclaim your personal power. Together we acknowledge and address what needs to be handled to support you in a holistic (or whole life) way.

You will become more aware of your body energy and your feelings, which advances your self-awareness and gives you freedom.

In terms of length of treatment plan, it will vary according to your goals and challenges.

My role is to help you:

  • become aware of what you deeply long to heal,

  • face the fears and shame that hold you back

  • heal any chronic trauma state that is staying stuck

  • marshal your strengths to risk living authentically

  • and then go beyond just OK to Flourishing.

We will use integrated bodywork to deepen feelings, awaken new awareness of inner processes, especially those that contribute to what is not working in your life and liberate new energy.

The issues that I have worked with successfully in session include such things as chronic fears, anxiety, childhood trauma, unsuccessful previous therapy, chronic PTSD, sudden rages, unsuccessful interpersonal communications, marital and relationship problems, intimacy issues, risk tolerance, emotional resilience, grief and loss, low self-esteem, shame, unworthiness and self-doubt, to name a few. We consider the symptoms and effects in your life to get to the root cause of them, and then address and release. We will identify your strengths so you can harness them more fully to take advantage of your new freedom and feel more confident and worthy.

Our time together creates sacred space to cultivate a stronger mind-body connection within which you can create the life you really want to live. We will integrate your physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic and spiritual perspectives to be harmoniously supportive for living YOUR life full out…

Couples ConsultationCouple-session-1

When any two people are engaged in a significant relationship (whether married or not), they are engaged in mutual self-discovery. It is inevitable and natural for conflicts, individual preferences and communications challenges to come forward. In fact, this is necessary in order to deepen the relationship – which is what happens when they are dealt with competently within a context of love and faith.

In our first session, we determine if there is still love and a genuine desire to make it work. If so, we can proceed. How are the persons framing what is going on with them? What do they want as an outcome? Further exploration helps me develop my own perspective on their situation. And we create a plan for working together. Our field now has some very effective tools for helping couples forge a new satisfying relationship.

We all have a need to be securely emotionally connected till the day we die. We also have a strong need to be autonomous. Very often these two needs fight with each other and a person will go for one at the expense of the other. Or closeness may scare us as a result of how that was handled when we were growing up. We have varying needs for certainty and clarity. High needs give rise to controlling, which is distancing. We have many more needs that arise in relationship with varying degrees of conflict.

In other words, there are a plethora of competing needs and fears that prevent the kind of relationship we want.

Perhaps, the hardest thing for most of us is to give and receive negative feedback. Too few of us know how to do this in a way that leads to positive outcomes. Nearly all couples that come for help are conflict avoidant – which means that conflicts don’t get resolved, but just sent underground. The conflict that inevitably emerges is the best opportunity for forging a better relationship! Couples can learn to make this so, and this is a focus of my work.

Let us remember that we have many strengths and we are typically pretty decent people. Our fears and conflicts tend to inhibit us from coming from this positive side of us, and often are not seen or accessible to the other person. So we tend to have a worse picture of the other than is true. We also tend to fear bad outcomes when we risk.

The conflict that inevitably emerges is the best opportunity for forging a better relationship! And you can learn to make it so!

When ‘shadow’ needs are unmet or surfaced by the relationship, you and your partner may not understand what’s happening or how to support each other in articulating and meeting those needs. Naturally, when misunderstood or unaddressed, that can result in fights that don’t go anywhere, withdrawal, resentment, passive-aggression and ultimately in divorce, cold endurance, among other consequences.

We now have effective tools to help people:
* Become deeply aware of and accept their strengths, needs, feelings, fears, beliefs and hopes.
* Resolve the fears enough to risk “going for it”.
* Learn positive ways to achieve mutual need fulfillment.
* Be securely connected and autonomous.
* Accept the impermanence and ambiguity of life and relationships.
* Let go of controlling and have faith in the process.
* Be able to show up fully for conflict with honesty, kindness and faith.

Your relationship exists for a good reason. The challenge you and your partner may be experiencing – or the upgrade you and your partner desire – is simply an indicator that you care enough to grow yourself more. You deserve to have a rewarding, vital and ‘full-out’ relationship.

If you are facing a condition or circumstance that you perceive is being negatively influenced by your history, perceptions, interpretations or lifestyle choices, consider Somatic Psychotherapy and/or Bioenergetics Analysis as a way to effectively gain new momentum toward living full-out.

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