Philosophy of Mind-Body Therapy

philosophy of mind-body therapy

We all want to flourish. We want to enjoy our lives, be able to do what we want, have the relationships that nourish us, be able to use our talents to accomplish things and contribute meaningful things to our community.

Mind-Body Therapy and Living Life Full-Out

If you are not flourishing, many things may be keeping you from these goals: lack of connection to your strengths, hopelessness, fears, disconnection from others, depression, anxiety, shame. All of these drain our energy away from life. When enough of this is resolved we regain our vitality and are free to live our life full out.

The Psychotherapy profession has many more successful tools for helping our clients than ever before. Aside from philosophy, one very effective approach is Mind-Body Therapy and Bioenergetic Analysis which integrates bodywork with the therapy. Including bodywork greatly enhances a person’s awareness of who they are, releases sources of energy and opens new paths for healing.

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It’s unfortunate how many of us live our lives without deep examination. We too often operate by default unaware of possibilities for richer experience. That’s not what we want but it’s what happens when there is a blind spot. I liken it to not being able to see the wind but knowing it was there by the flattened grass or the fallen leaves. The same happens in life when we have results we don’t want but don’t exactly know how they happened.

A key that signals it’s time to pay attention to our hidden places is anything that has a ‘sting’ or a ‘charge’. If we get really upset, that’s a clue that it is more likely about your history than it is about the moment.

philosophy of mind-body therapy

Other keys are when:

  • your life isn’t working,
  • your relationships and/or physical intimacy aren’t rich and rewarding, and/or,
  • your career is feeling stale.

Think of your life as a musical score and your body the instrument that creates it – the off-key notes reveal your invitation to create something new.

Many fears and pains have to be resolved to reach our full vitality and freedom. However, you don’t have to fix everything in your life to have a rich life – but you DO have to accept yourself. I have found that the mind-body approach is quite powerful at leading to self-acceptance.

I came to Relational Somatic Psychotherapy because my life was definitely not working and, fortunately, I found a psychotherapist who specialized in mind-body therapy who helped me get my life back. This was so dramatic that I resolved to get trained so I could bring this to others.

When we have cleared our fears enough for our full selves to show up, our hearts, minds and souls are open. We have power, love and creativity beyond anything we had previously imagined. What a world this could be…

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