One on One Consultation

Once we have worked together in a Discovery Session, you have the option of continuing the work in private sessions.

These consultation sessions offer compassionate guidance to help you align more closely with your authentic truth, heal your wounds, and reclaim your personal power. Together we acknowledge and address what needs to be handled to support you in a holistic (or whole life) way.

You will become more aware of your body energy and your feelings, which advances your self-awareness and gives you freedom.

In terms of length of treatment plan, consultations will vary according to your goals and challenges.

My role is to help you:

  • become aware of what you deeply long to heal,
  • face the fears and shame that hold you back
  • heal any chronic trauma state that is staying stuck
  • marshal your strengths to risk living authentically
  • and then go beyond just OK to Flourishing.

We will use integrated bodywork to deepen feelings, awaken new awareness of inner processes, especially those that contribute to what is not working in your life and liberate new energy.

Schedule Your Discovery Session With Gerry

The issues that I have worked with successfully in consultation session include such things as chronic fears, anxiety, childhood trauma, unsuccessful previous therapy, chronic PTSD, sudden rages, unsuccessful interpersonal communications, marital and relationship problems, intimacy issues, risk tolerance, emotional resilience, grief and loss, low self-esteem, shame, unworthiness and self-doubt, to name a few. We consider the symptoms and effects in your life to get to the root cause of them, and then address and release. We will identify your strengths so you can harness them more fully to take advantage of your new freedom and feel more confident and worthy.

Our time together creates sacred space to cultivate a stronger mind-body connection within which you can create the life you really want to live. We will integrate your physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic and spiritual perspectives to be harmoniously supportive for living YOUR life full out…

Feel free to email Gerry here or book your Discovery Session here.

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