Introductory Discovery Session

11799926_sMind-Body Therapy work is highly interactive. Think of it as assisted self-discovery that gently reveals the unconscious and emotional residue that prevents you from living full-out. Once you come to know deeply your beliefs, thoughts, habits, feelings and strengths, you give yourself new freedom.

If you are feeling ‘less than’, your life results are lackluster or you have physical or emotional pain from stress, or trauma, and you’re ready to step into a more vibrant life, it’s vital that you discover what is in your way, and, importantly, that you have strengths to move forward.

Your body is the record-keeper of your life and, as a result, is a wonderful resource that can accelerate having more satisfaction in your life.

Your body will hold tension and your life will reflect underlying imbalances that indicate emotional residue from unresolved trauma. Unaddressed, these traumas can undermine your relationships, career, earning abilities, health, social life and more.

Getting older does not have to mean pain, gaining weight, becoming inflexible or being less active. Those symptoms occur, in part, as a direct or indirect result of unresolved emotional or psychological trauma being trapped in the body.

The good news is that, once acknowledged and released, the energy is restored that has been used to keep these old residual experiences and patterns in place. Now your new energy can flow through your strengths to Live Life Full Out.

Schedule Your Discovery Session With Gerry

A Discovery Session can help you discover if we will make a great team. We will take about an hour. Together we will talk about your history, as well as become aware of at least one area of invitation for growth that we will address on the spot. Our shared goal is that you become more aware of your own possibilities and make (or begin) a shift toward your best life with that insight.

We will be engaged in co-creative dialogue that typically involves some bodywork. At some point, I may ask you to move your body into a particular position or breathe in a certain way. That request is to attune your body’s wisdom with our session focus for discovery. (See Somatic Psychotherapy and/or Bioenergetics Analysis for more info.)

At the end of the session, you will have greater insight and a beginning plan for consciously going forward using Mind-Body Therapy for your complete wellness. Isn’t it time you lived your life full-out?

Once we establish our working relationship via the Discovery Session, we will determine ongoing one-on-one consultations or consultations for couples.

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