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Dr. Gerry King’s reputation as a speaker is built on his ability to decode life experiences with clarity, compassion and positive energy. As a Mind-Body Keynote speaker, he integrates his decades of practical experience, leading-edge mind-body connection modalities and real-life stories to both inspire and leave audiences with a fresh perspective and life-change strategies.

The heart of Gerry’s Mind-Body work is about helping people embrace what ‘is’ with awareness, exploring their shadows with compassion to reveal their strength and recognizing what it means for them to live ‘full-out’.

The following most commonly requested topics are available as keynotes and workshops to businesses, associations, medical and mental health professionals, healers, couples and faith-based groups. All topics may be adapted to meet the needs of individual audiences.
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Getting From “Ain’t It Awful” To “Everything’s Holy Now”

To get a touching introduction to this talk, give this song by Peter Mayer a listen:

We have CHOICE. One of the most fundamental choices is what lens we use to see things. What context we use for any particular thing determines whether it is AWFUL or HOLY.

There is plenty that is awful in this world and, thus, good reason to be pessimistic. Yet it is also true, as Helen Keller has said, “No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an unchartered land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.”

It is easy enough to say, “I will look at the opportunities not the obstacles.” It’s quite another to actually put this into practice.

Chronic pessimism or negativism is a sign that life isn’t working.

In this keynote, you can take away:

  • How the state of seeing the dark side of things is an invitation to discover what is behind this and keeping it in place and to explore beyond your comfort zone;
  • How new behaviors can shift your automatic negativity into automatically seeing beauty and opportunity.

How Catastrophe Leads To Creation

A good way to begin to explore this topic, watch this TED talk by Andrew Solomon:

When I hear folks talk about the bad things that befall them – conflict, bad news, disasters, crises of health, finances, relationships, work, etc. – it is nearly always in the context of “this is going to be hard, this is awful, how will I get through?” It is bad news that will have to be endured and coped with until things are back to ‘normal’.

Yet when we look at the world, these are an integral part of all existence. When we look more closely, we see some surprisingly good news. They are not only a part of all life, they are how everything has evolved and stayed strong. Without them the Universe would be an undifferentiated cloud of elementary particles. No stars, no us. EVERY GREAT CREATION WAS MADE POSSIBLE BY CATASTROPHE AND COLLABORATION!

Rumi captures this as a spiritual truth:

For thousands and thousands of years, I was a rock,
and then I died and became a plant.
For thousands and thousands of years, I was a plant,
and then I died and became an animal.
For thousands and thousands of years, I was an animal,
and then I died and became a human.
Now, tell me what have I ever lost by dying?

In this TED keynote, you can take away:

  • What evolution teaches us about our power of transformation;
  • How to tap that inner and collaborative power; and,
  • How to foster peace and hope in times of high stress by seeing the bigger picture.

Interpersonal Communications Training: Developing Confidence And Emotional Intelligence In Relationships; Effective Processes for Giving and Receiving Negative Feedback

Humans are very social creatures; however, communication is an assumed skill and that frequently leads to misunderstandings, false assumptions and blame. When our needs aren’t met in relationship, it can be devastating and it is easily attributed to the other as their fault (even if our needs were not stated clearly).

Even more, those needs will seek a way to get met even if it’s from a ‘shadow’ behavior (for example, a need for security can express as clinging or dominance – which of course is counter-productive).

There are genuine conflicts that must be negotiated. But most conflicts persist because the underlying feelings and goals remain hidden and needs, fears and anger take over the conversation.

It takes courage to be vulnerable enough to deal with the real conflict. Yet it is typically immensely rewarding and leads to a win-win resolution.

Accomplishing this is not only possible, but also easier than usually imagined.

Another surprisingly difficult interaction is celebrating. Here again we have fears and assumptions that get in the way. We fear it will be seen as bragging, will draw too much attention to ourselves, will reveal that we need to be recognized (heaven forbid that folks think we have NEEDS!), etc.

Recent studies clearly show that recognition and celebration together bring people together better than anything else!

In this mind-body keynote / workshop, you can take away:

  • How to get at what is really going on in an apparent conflict;
  • Learning to acknowledge and celebrate together;
  • How to explore difficult topics through authentic and personally-responsible conversation; and,
  • The necessary keys to strengthening a relationship with transparency and accountability.

Majestic Human and Covenantal Human: Some Thoughts About Virtue and The Human Struggle

As David Brooks recently pointed out, the virtues most powerfully promoted in our society are the ones that get listed on our résumé – what we know, have achieved, have created and what stirs envy from others. It’s what is called Our Majestic Self.

Ironically, these are not the virtues that get mentioned in our eulogy.

No, the true virtues of life that become the hallmarks of our legacy are quite different and much deeper, including such things as: who are you in your depth, what is the nature of your relationships, are you bold, loving, dependable, generative? This is Our Covenantal Self.

Most of us would say that the Covenantal virtues are the more important of the virtues. But are they the ones that we pay the most attention to on a consistent basis?

During this wisdom-packed presentation, you will learn how you become your most Majestic and most Covenantal when you…:
• Accept fully both selves without judgment.
• Embrace your errors, your weaknesses, your pain, your ignorance, your difficulties, your being wrong, your suffering.
• Step into your strengths and your greatness.

These two sides of us are both virtuous and, so, we struggle with them. Discover insights about that struggle and how you can use this struggle to Flourish in your life.

Flourishing: How To Expand Your Life Satisfaction Exponentially

Life is NOT about being happy all the time. It is about flourishing. This includes a lot more than pleasure. Much of what we find gratifying is difficult and sometimes painful – like supporting a loved one through an especially trying time or like completing that absolutely perfect garden in our dreams without sweat, bugs or bunnies eating our work.

The field of Positive Psychology has been researching this topic for over 15 years. It is not enough to help folks heal what is not working in their life. We can go beyond OK to Flourishing – to Live Life Full Out.

In this keynote / workshop, you can take away:

  • The elements of a Flourishing life;
  • New ways to use your strengths; and,
  • How to have more of each of these elements in your life.

Increasing Self-Control

There is now a Science of Self-Control that enables people to increase significantly their control over their lives.

Some things we just do automatically and some things we love so passionately that we can’t keep ourselves from doing.

And then there are the things that are important for our health, our business success, or our relationships that don’t come naturally and may be difficult to do.

Here is where we need Self-Control… and the more we have, the more successful we are in life.

When we know how to keep a good supply of Self-Control, including when and how to use it, we are even more successful. We can choose wisely to make the best use of our Self-Control.

By focusing on what we truly want, we are ensuring that we are directing our lives with conscious awareness to get the results we truly desire.

There is also a way to make Self-Control less necessary.

In this keynote / workshop, you can take away:

  • What is Self-Control;
  • What increases Self-Control energy;
  • What diminishes Self-Control energy;
  • What to focus on; and,
  • How and when to rely on Self-Control.

Please note that all of these topics can be tailored for your specific audience. Click here for a printable brochure.

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